Who you are is GOOD.

Your dream

You know you are here to do big things. You’ve always known it.

People have told you you’re too loud, smart, big, fast, etc.

You turned your volume down to stay in community.

You’re trying to change the world, with your volume down and the weight of the world on your shoulders.

You do not have to keep living like this.

I am super f’n magic. I help world changers walk through the fear that is preventing them from waking up in their dreams.

I’ve been down the path of massive transformation countless times and there is nothing left here that scares me. You’ll get to where you’re going faster and easier with me.

Be brave, join me for 90 days and wake up in your dream.

Laurie has supported

What your peers have said about working with Laurie

To move through a barrier (that you may not even know exists), you need someone to pull you though – that someone is Laurie. Stephen McGurk, CEO of Airbridge

You are more than a great listener, you understand the ladders we have to climb and provide real insight into how to climb them, with actionable exercises.Tanya Hart, founder Titan Bioplastics

Laurie gets it: the vision you have in your mind but haven’t found the words to articulate yet.” Mariam Awara, COO of Pulsenics

“I had very low expectations of this. My mom is an executive coach and I’ve been exposed to lots of stuff that I write off as hokey pretty quickly in advance. This was the best hour I’ve spent as it relates to my work life in a long time.Grant Harrison, writer, thought leader, and superstar for GreenBiz Group

“Do it. It feels good to be seen. Laurie does that well. I felt the difference physically in my body.” Sarah Goulden – VP of Energy at GreenBiz

Laurie stands out because she is in the trenches with you, right beside you, feeling every wound, enduring every setback as a friend first, and a coach second. She is an exemplary human being which I’m grateful to have worked with. Just f**king hire her. Borrow money at a high interest rate if you have to.” – Michael Kadonoff, CTO at Khepra

If you’re doing meaningful work, she’ll bring out the best version of you. She will challenge your self-imposed limitations and remind you of what’s possible. If you’re looking to level-up your game, then Laurie should be your first call.Pete Zupan, CEO of Sea Change Labs

“She is a completely different kind of coach. In a world where there are a lot of people trying to make a “money grab” from people that are in ESG and sustainability by helping them achieve their next “big job,” she stands out as someone who is focused on engaging one’s inner spirit and helping them to harness their full potential. I love that she has a focus within climate, ESG, etc. I left our session feeling validated, energized and with a new take on my potential and need for reinvestment in myself. She truly helped me see myself through a new, and very important lens.” ESG Executive – Consultancy that serves Fortune 500 companies

“Rather than take on the problem I thought I wanted to solve, she helped me solve the problem I needed to solve! You’ll have an eye-opening experience to both know yourself and gain the tools you need to overcome the challenges you may or may not know you’re facing.” Suz Okie – Circularity Leader at GreenBiz

“Laurie helped me navigate the current competing priorities I’m being asked to pursue with little time to dedicate to it. She helped me understand the framework in which I should evaluate the decision of what I should invest my time in and what I need to tell our CEO about where I want to work. I definitely recommend and appreciate how, even with a short session, Laurie was able to help provide tools and clarity on where to focus.” Executive Leader – Renewable Energy Company

“Laurie is a lovely human doing her life’s work and you will feel that every moment. You’ll gain tools to manage fear or blind spots” – CEO of a sustainability focused organization

“What sets Laurie apart is her unwavering commitment to modeling what is possible and why. She doesn’t just talk the talk; she walks the walk. Through her own actions and achievements, Laurie demonstrates the freedom, full self-expression and possibility that can be achieved when we align ourselves with our true values and dare greatly. “ Carli Leimbach

How to work with Laurie

The best thing I offer is the 90 day intensive.

It is designed to break your current habits by experiencing the future you design. Once you feel that future, I’ll support you in shedding your old habits.

You have to commit to 90 days before we start or you’ll quit in the fifth week.

I won’t take any of your BS and I’ll push you hard. If you aren’t financially committed, I promise you that your old habits will win and you’ll go back to what you know.

This program works very well because it compresses time to success. You have to step up to it and want the change.

Sound like what you are ready for?


If the 90 day intensive isn’t right for you and you do want 1:1 coaching, you might consider talking with Amelia. She does what I do in a slower and more supportive style.

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Who you are is GOOD.

Laurie McGinley, AIA – fearless guide through transformation
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