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Someone told you to get in touch with me.

I’m so glad you found me.

I work with a handful of select people who are ready to grow.

Spend an hour with me to see how I work and feel how Via Lucent adds value to your journey.

Let’s get sustainable innovations to market faster.

We are mission-driven climate brokers

We are a team of seasoned professionals with decades of experience in science, communications, copywriting, video creation, and leadership.

But, we’re missing something…

We need YOU

We need the scientists, engineers, and architects who have big climate ideas.

We need the investors who want to fund huge impact climate companies.

And You’re Missing Something Too…


Why is this page like this?

Two years of data tells me that no one hires me based on the words on this page.

it isn’t worth my time to obsess over this language.

You’ve been telling people about your idea for what feels like forever, but you feel like only a few people really get it.

We have a way to fix that.

You’re searching for a truly scalable climate change solution.

We’ll match you with the right inventor.

We elevate the people who will solve climate change.

What’s bigger?





Do you need more words to be able to get in touch?

When people come to me, they already have a reputation of being a high achiever but something is missing to get to the next level.

They leave me with greater clarity on who they are, confidence in how to get there, courage to do it, and freedom to go after what they really want.

What that looks like for you depends. Get in touch.

When you’re with Via Lucent you create and step into that person you were always meant to be.

You know you are meant to do something more than what you’re doing today.

There’s a persistent tug and feeling that there’s something bigger out there for you.

You’ve tried to unlock it on your own. You’ve explored, found some books, attended a retreat, but you haven’t been able to break through.

That feeling that there is something more you can be doing is still there.

Come and unlock that with me.





Not quite right?

Don’t want another book to read?

Get in touch with me to learn how I can support your big breakthrough.

Or schedule a one hour session. I’ll provide powerful coaching so that you walk away with something valuable and you’ll get to feel what it is like to work with me.






“Laurie provided the direct feedback I needed to hear, even if I didn’t want to. Her layered approach to coaching is insightful and valuable beyond words. You helped me understand my own limits, which in turn helps me not only grow but fill the space I need to fill and let go of the rest.” – Ongeleigh Underwood

“I felt largely burdened by it, anxious. I’ve been doing a lot of pitching and it’s all starting to run together a bit. I was looking for a way to shift my attitude and perspective. Your insight was incredible! You really captured–quickly–the heart of my work and what I’m actually working to convey to those I’m pitching. I’d say that working with you was a more than worthwhile investment that will ground anyone’s comprehension of their own work and purpose in a communicable way.” – Ashleigh Brown

“You helped me become more self-aware, you helped me identify limiting beliefs, regain confidence in my talents and trajectory as well as reframe different situations to move forward and continue innovating. Laurie’s capacity to connect and unleash your potential is extraordinary. As a founder and designer, I have started multiple companies and participated in multiple accelerator programs across the world and I can say with confidence that her sessions and professionalism are world class.” – Ilana Milkes

Be the version of yourself you were meant to be.

What’s bigger?

Via Lucent is the link that identifies the inventions we need to survive climate change and matches them with the resources they need to launch thriving businesses that will have massive impacts on reversing global warming.


I’m a thinker and I want to use my research to make the world a better place.

That’s me >


I have become an expert by thinking with my hands and learning through experience.

That’s me >


I know we need to take bold steps quickly and I am ready to help the right company succeed.

That’s me >

We all need all of you to be who you are.

Our partners help us get there.