90 day intensive

The 90 day intensive is designed to move you through your desired change quickly and effectively.

As the name suggests, it is intense.

Laurie McGinley, keynote speaker and transformation guide

What you’ll get

You define the life worth living, the goal, the condition in your life that you want.

You’ll get as much out of this as you put into it.

I’ve never met anyone who can change as fast as I can and I’ll work at the fastest pace you can handle.

We’ll meet at least once a week and as often as you are able.

You’ll want to quit around the fifth week because your instincts will tell you it is too hard. I’ve got you and we’ll get through that.

You’ll step into the life of your dreams and let the love for that life pull you into it.

There is nothing left on this path for me that is scary. Here’s my story.

What have others been able to do in this program?

Raise $51M and growing for their startups

Land the job of their dreams

Have balance in their lives and be better parents, spouses, and humans

Move their initiatives through boards and senior leadership

Make their messaging magnetic

Increase their revenue

Can I do month-to-month?


You’ll quit when it gets hard unless you’ve committed to the whole process and I have no time for that.

Is there an option to go slower or meet less?


Slower programs won’t get you to the result you want. You’ll stay in the habits that prevent you from waking up in your dreams.

What you won’t get

  • homework, slides, or other busy work
  • canned exercises
  • handouts
  • nice answers. I’m direct and clear and I’ll tell you things your friends won’t tell you.

What your peers say about working with Laurie

“In 90 days, Laurie helped me to remember (or perhaps find….) and amplify my worth and value, which was something that I lost somewhere along the last few years of my corporate career. 

She always showed up authentically and met me exactly where I was at that moment. In every discussion, she inspired me to challenge my current thinking and situation so that I could start living my truest and most empowering life. I started this process wondering if it was really possible to be your authentic self in your career- as that was nowhere close to my experience in the last 31 years of my working life.  Now, at the end of our engagement, I am really excited and energized by two different -but very viable- paths that are so tightly aligned to my values, my strengths, and my passion.  

I am forever grateful to Laurie for reigniting my energy and confidence in my career. She is super fucking magic!” – Jennifer Dodson

“What an incredibly transformational journey.” 

At the beginning I was in a place of real fear, fear of being rejected, of ridicule, of retaliation and I was lacking confidence to put myself out there. Having had the journey with you I feel a lot more confident and I really believe in myself now.

One of the things that really stood out with the journey with you is how you just constantly reinforced the light that you saw in me, you know where you describe it in many different ways. Even just welcoming me every week as a magical being. That contributed to shifting my perspective about myself. I feel a lot more empowered. I feel strong. I see myself as someone who has something really valuable to offer. I’ve overcome the confidence barrier and the self-worth barrier that have felt so debilitating my whole life. It may crop up again and I have some great tools to deal with it now. I see it for what it is and it doesn’t arrest me like it used to. 

I’ve overcome the confidence barrier and the self-worth barrier that have felt so debilitating my whole life. It may crop up again and I have some great tools to deal with it now. I see it for what it is and it doesn’t arrest me like it used to. 

I feel like I can move forward now. 

Absolutely do it. Don’t waste time struggling. Hold out your hand and let it be caught by Laurie and walk the journey to freedom together and quickly and profoundly. Why struggle when you can actually just be free?” – Andrea de Wattignar

“Laurie is a complete legend. When I reached out to Laurie I was in serious trouble, I was completely exhausted, the wheels had fallen off. In the space of three months, I have moved into a space of effortless being. Most importantly the journey to get here was FUN!!. Laurie is genuinely a magician, when she says, you don’t have to live like this, she means it. If you are needing help, reach out to Laurie, you’ll pretty quickly feel if it’s a match or not.” Louise Edmonds, CEO of Carbon Sync

“Laurie dramatically upended my way of thinking and prioritizing how I go about operating in the world which has led to a much greater delivery of focus, delegation and overall ability to achieve what I’ve set out to do. Beyond that, the focus on big picture personal identity and growth, outside of just putting out the immediate fires that come w the day to day means that the fires are more candles than a burning building that they felt like before.

Laurie focuses on the security of self and how it relates to business and life and not the other way around that most coaches tend to lean towards. She brings joy and ease while challenging me (and others) which can be hard to find.” – Tessa Callaghan Co-founder of Keel Labs

“Laurie saved me. Beyond that, she can keep pace whether you’re running at 1000mph or at 1mph. Before I started working with Laurie I felt lost, overwhelmed, defeated, inferior, and insecure. I decided to work with Laurie because she listened, she was flexible, she taught me new things, she was helpful, and she didn’t try to create a “program” that she pumped people though. My experience felt tailored to my needs. I feel like a badass now. If you’re thinking of working with her, first- Just talk to her! Second- she will help you transform.” Aleks Gosiewski Co-founder of Keel Labs

“She pushes me really far outside my comfort zone, asks me tough questions, and pushes on my bruises. But she is also warm, compassionate and authentic.

As a result, I find myself evaluating negative thought patterns and things that I have been doing that aren’t working in my life. And coming up with strategies together to break those habits and behaviors. I am living less in guilt and shame and more in pride and joy.

Laurie’s favorite hobby is woodworking – most likely because she loves shaping things and putting in the hard work. So if you are reinventing yourself and trying to build confidence – I can say with 100% certainty that she will get you there. 

Working with Laurie has been the best thing I have done in 10 years of being an entrepreneur.” Tony Ehrbar, Renegade Plastics and American Tent

“I’ve hired other executive / high level coaches and no one compares to Laurie. The other coaches I’ve hired were great at holding me accountable, helping me push through obstacles, see around corners with my business, but I was left drained vs. energized. Their approach focused on prioritization and productivity hacking and helping me force my way through the world. The work I did with them wasn’t sustainable. It was a short term approach. 

With Laurie you delve into the foundational stuff of your life – the things that have defined your fears, hopes, dreams and beliefs about the world. And she blows it up. You uncover who you’ve been and who you want to be, and you get to that future version of you fast. You don’t do it by trying to tack on more with less or productivity hacking your way through the world. You come away feeling energized and with a solid tool kit. She sets you up for long term success. She will change your life.” – Amanda LuchettiThe Skilled Project

If the 90 day intensive isn’t right for you

Join Office Hours

We meet twice a month for an hour. Between four and twelve people join each time. Find community, know that you aren’t the only one who is struggling with your challenges, get coached, or just listen. $15/month, first month is free.

“You thanked us, you provided positive and encouraging support not just to me, but to all those in the meeting. Your willingness to allow us to take safe risks by opening up with no judgment is incredibly valuable.”

Tanya Hart, founder Titan Bioplastics
Join Office Hours to make change in a group setting

Master Class

Once or twice a year I gather a Master Class of people who want the change delivered in the 90 day intensive and want to do it with a community of world changers. You’ll go through the proven process of the 90 day intensive with classmates who will help you get up when you fall.

If you want to wait for a Master Class, find a time to talk about it and learn more about when it is offered.

“Your ability to intensely focus on what was being said by each person in the group, connect concerns between us, recap them in future sessions and build off individual break-throughs made it a growing experience week over week. Throw away preconceived ideas of what the course will bring, allow it to take you where it needs to and you will be amazed at the connections and insights you gain.”

Anna-Marie Cook, founder Kamilo

If you still think you’ll do better on your own

Have a go at these books.

I talk to people 12-24 months after they almost hired me and they regret wasting that time trying to make big changes on their own. Invest in yourself and start living the life you’re here to live now.

Why would you keep doing what you’ve always done and get the same results when help is so close by?

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