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Who you are is GOOD.

Laurie McGinley, joyfully hanging from a tree

Laurie McGinley, AIA

Laurie has always known she is here to do big things and has been perpetually reinventing herself for over 30 years in pursuit of why she is here.

She has tried everything related to change in her own life and has landed on the most effective recipe to rapidly achieve new results.

Laurie is here to help the humans who know how to enable all of humanity to live well on this planet for generations, do it bigger, faster, and with greater balance in their lives.

If you are someone who knows how to solve your part of the puzzle and are challenged by:

  • a feeling that there isn’t enough time
  • the stress of all there is to do
  • getting people to listen
  • wondering if you are smart/strong/big/capable enough to do it

then talk to Laurie.

She is a transformative guide who helps ambitious, climate focused leaders remember who they truly are, shed the burdens they have collected in a lifetime, and live the lives they are meant to have. 

They literally have more time, more energy, and greater ease in having the impacts they desire.

Laurie helps world changers wake up in their dreams.

90 day intensive

Amelia McGinley, SEP, MSW, LICSW

You have a vision and a goal. It is glorious and urgent.

You also have a body, an intricate nervous system, a history, generations of ancestors and all the conditions they passed on – much of which you had no choice about. Difficult past events unprocessed in the body can inadvertently impair the execution of brilliant visions and goals.

We are all doing the best we can. I also know we can all do better, lots better. But it’s not by thinking our way through – it’s by learning to listen and work with our brain and body responses, by befriending our nervous system – not overriding by sheer force, or just deciding to be different.

I will help you do this. If you need time for the process, I will give it. I am highly trained to attune to nervous system messages and requests, and I can teach you to do the same for yourself. I will help you listen to various parts that are speaking so you can become more self-led and less driven by fight/flight/freeze responses. I will help you be more at home in your own body. I will help you go in the right direction in a more naturalistic way.

I am a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner and am trained in Internal Family Systems, and I have been a psychotherapist since 2009. I’m also a highly sensitive person on my own lifelong healing journey, for which I am so grateful and enthusiastic. Helping others heal is my calling in life. Taking down the barriers so you can thrive and reach and change – this is what I’m here for.

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