About Via Lucent

About Via Lucent

Laurie McGinley, AIA

ClimateTech Conductor and Founder

Laurie McGinley knows we all have the mind to see a brighter future for ourselves and the body to make it a reality. As an Architect, she has specialized and professional training to imagine something huge and bring it into physical existence. She has helped bring hundreds of millions of dollars of buildings into being and knows she can guide you on your quest for growth, achievement, and success.

She is calm and curious about unchartered territories and is your guide to help you get from today to that thing you’ve always wanted, no matter how hard it seems to be to get there.

What have you been dreaming of and working towards that you haven’t been able to get yet? Let’s get really clear on what it is and get you to the place where you allow it to pull you in.

Realizing your big climate idea is something we all need you to do. Laurie will help you get it.

“The thing is, we get to be who we are.
And that dream?
The one that feels impossible & that your heart knows inside & out?
We get to have that too.”
Bryonie Wise

This quote has been on the back of my phone since 2018 and I look at it every day.

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Hint: you don’t have to drastically change the way you work for your work to grow. We’ll guide you every step of the way.