About Via Lucent

About Via Lucent

Laurie McGinley

Laurie McGinley, AIA

Fearless Guide through transformative change



I’ve helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of people make huge changes in the last 32 years and I’m only halfway to 90.

The elite group of world changing geniuses are who I’m drawn to help make changes because I know that you all can have the biggest impact in time to make a difference.

Making changes that allow humans to live well on planet Earth is completely possible.

I know it, can see it, have supported it, and have worked with over 100 of the people and companies who are taking carbon out of the air, bringing solutions online to decarbonize the built environment, building solutions to have fully renewable energy grids, and make the everyday things we need to have good lives.

I do not have climate anxiety because I can see the future where this elite group of geniuses helps us solve the problems that are putting our species at risk.

If you are a

  • global leader ready to make huge change,
  • an intrepid founder of a climate focused startup, or
  • someone who wants to use your hard earned professional experience to work on a climate solution

then I have programs for you that will help you reach those goals that have been frustratingly out of reach.

I’m also a licensed Architect who has managed $100M in construction, worked in heavy manufacturing and education.

I practice woodturning as a meditation.

Kate Purmal

Business Coach, Board Director, Strategic Advisor, and Business Intuitive
Author of Amazon #1 Best Seller
COMPOSURE: The Art of Executive Presence 

Kate Purmal is an independent board director, strategic advisor who consults with and coaches entrepreneurs to elevate their leadership capacity, build high-performing teams, and achieve business planning and operational excellence. Kate is also a business intuitive. 

As an Operator she has held CEO, COO, CFO roles for private companies, and was an SVP for a $10B Tech Company. She is an active independent corporate board director. 

As an Executive Coach she has worked with 100+ global executives, entrepreneurs and visionaries, and built coaching programs for top talent women in multinational companies. Her coaching experiences and multi-year research projects into visionaries, Impostor Syndrome and workplace trauma provide the foundation for  the two books she has authored: COMPOSURE The Art of Executive Presence, and The Moonshot Effect: Disrupting Business as Usual

Kate’s innate capacity for business Intuition has been woven through her career for the last 30 years. She models how to move beyond data, narrative and context to access intuitive information, and works with her clients to interpret that information to make better decisions, align teams, work more effectively, utilize resources more efficiently, and break through internal barriers and roadblocks. As a result, her clients create impressive results and greater impact with less effort and fewer resources, and they experience more grace, ease and joy in their work and their lives. 

Kate has been instrumental in five successful M&A exits: as a co-founder Liquid Machines (acquired by Check Point Software Technologies in 2010), as a member of the founding management team at Palm, Inc (acquired by US Robotics in 1995), as CEO of U3 Inc. (merged with SanDisk in 2007), and as Independent Board Director of ABD Insurance and Financial Services (Merged with Newfront Insurance) and Versaic Inc. (Acquired by Benevity).

Kate lives in Santa Barbara, California with her husband and two dogs. She is an avid road and mountain biker and hiker, and loves to accompany her professional yacht captain husband on sailing adventures up and down the west coast from Alaska to Mexico.

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