About Via Lucent

About Via Lucent

Laurie McGinley

Laurie McGinley, AIA

Fearless Guide through transformative change



I’ve helped hundreds, maybe thousands, of people make huge changes in the last 32 years and I’m only halfway to 90.

I don’t have climate anxiety because I work with you: the elite group of geniuses who are changing the world.

I can guide you to your dream quickly, powerfully, and with ease because you are so drawn to achieve your dream that you’ll be daring.

I have worked with over 100 of the people and companies who are taking carbon out of the air, bringing solutions online to decarbonize the built environment, creating solutions to have fully renewable energy grids, and make the everyday things we need to have good lives.

If you are a

  • global leader ready to make huge change,
  • an intrepid founder of a climate focused startup, or
  • someone who wants to use your hard earned professional experience to work on a climate solution

then I have programs for you that will help you reach those goals that have been frustratingly out of reach.

I’m also a licensed Architect who has managed $100M in construction, worked in heavy manufacturing and education.

I practice woodturning as a meditation.

The thing is, we get to be who we are.
And that dream?
The one that feels impossible & that your heart knows inside & out?
We get to have that too.

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Hint: you don’t have to drastically change the way you work for your work to grow. We’ll guide you every step of the way.