In Possible Dreams

A four session course for early stage climate focused startup founders.

What you’ll get

Eight weeks that will transform how you move through the world.

You’ll walk away with

  • a clear understanding of the value your work brings to your target audience,
  • increased executive presence to better leverage high stakes meetings,
  • the ability to identify your self imposed barriers and the skills to remove them,
  • a new understanding of fear and how it is holding you back,
  • the ability to design the future you want and an understanding of how to make it a reality,
  • a new felt sense that your work life is a calm environment where you can access your highest and best mind.

Time committment

Four, 90 minute group sessions over eight weeks


Group is limited to six participants


$900 US

Course outline

  • Presence: Who you show up as is as important as the words you say.
  • Fear: Let’s remove what is holding you back in a way you know you’ll be safe.
  • Future: Envision your successful future life and practice living there.
  • Battlefield: Convert your work life from a battlefield to a calm prairie where you can thrive.

“Your ability to intensely focus on what was being said by each person in the group, connect concerns between us, recap them in future sessions and build off individual break-throughs made it a growing experience week over week. Throw away preconceived ideas of what the course will bring, allow it to take you where it needs to and you will be amazed at the connections and insights you gain.”

Anna-Marie Cook, CEO Kamilo
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