Enrollment is closed and may re-open in late summer, 2022.

If you are interested in this course, please get in touch.

Eight weeks that will transform how you move through the world

You’ll walk away with

  • a clear understanding of the value your work brings to your target audience,
  • increased executive presence to better leverage high stakes meetings,
  • the ability to identify your self imposed barriers and the skills to remove them,
  • a new understanding of fear and how it is holding you back,
  • the ability to design the future you want and an understanding of how to make it a reality.

Time commitment: eight, two hour, group sessions over eight consecutive weeks with exercises in between active coaching sessions. First course runs from May 18 through July 6, 2022. Course will be held on Wednesdays between 10:00 a.m. and noon Central Time (GMT-5).

Size: Course is limited to 12 participants.

Cost: $750 enroll now

Who qualifies: Via Lucent is taking a limited number of applications from companies at pre-SEED to Series A that are pursuing one of the following climate solutions:

  1. Carbon dioxide removal that has a long term storage solution
  2. Building materials solutions focusing on concrete, steel, and glass for large scale applications
  3. Building operations focusing on heating, cooling, ventilation, electrical systems, controls, and monitoring systems for large scale buildings.
  4. Transportation focusing on fleet solutions, air, and marine transportation
  5. Energy production and storage focusing on solutions to address grid challenges, energy storage, and resiliency with renewables
  6. Chemical processes particularly those that provide carbon capture solutions for heavily used materials in industrial applications
  7. Agricultural solutions focused on non-animal proteins, methane elimination, and transportation
  8. Building operations including heating, cooling, ventilation, electrical, controls, and monitoring for small scale buildings like homes.

Course outline

Week #

  1. Value: What you are actually selling? Translate your work into value for your audience,
  2. Open coaching focusing on storytelling your worth
  3. Presence: Who you show up as is as important as the words you say
  4. Open coaching focusing on presence
  5. Fear: Let’s remove what is holding you back in a way you know you’ll be safe
  6. Open coaching focusing on what is holding you back and how to get it out of the way
  7. Future: Envision your successful future life and practice living there
  8. Open coaching focusing on arriving in the future you want to live in

“The thing is, we get to be who we are.
And that dream?
The one that feels impossible & that your heart knows inside & out?
We get to have that too.”
Bryonie Wise

What other people have said about working with Laurie McGinley

“If you’re a climateTech founder, sign up now. Laurie McGinley is an amazing business coach and this is a ridiculous offer you shouldn’t miss. If I were a founder in need of a business coach, I would sign up on the spot. Laurie McGinley is amazing, if not magical. Her work for us at Alder & Co. was transformational, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without her (not to mention the exciting times ahead that she has enabled us to focus on). Can wholeheartedly recommend.” – Bettina Grab, co-founder Alder & Co.

“I think you ought to take Laurie up on this coaching offer! The coaching will come in ways you can’t anticipate and will transcend the cost. This may be some of the best money you have ever spent.” – John Buttles, founder Texas Wind Tower

“Laurie provided the direct feedback I needed to hear, even if I didn’t want to. Her layered approach to coaching is insightful and valuable beyond words. You helped me understand my own limits, which in turn helps me not only grow but fill the space I need to fill and let go of the rest.” – Ongeleigh Underwood

“I’ve never met a coach who understood me the way Laurie does. Laurie McGinley is developing a mentor-coaching method that is so needed for high impact founding teams. Her work with the Locoal Charcoal Company founders in helping us articulate complex technologies and methods in climate reversal is incredible. If you’re working on the hard things… the things that are needed, but have a hard time getting people to understand and relate to you, then Via Lucent is the best place to go!” – Miles Murray, co-founder Locoal

“You helped me become more self-aware, you helped me identify limiting beliefs, regain confidence in my talents and trajectory as well as reframe different situations to move forward and continue innovating. Laurie’s capacity to connect and unleash your potential is extraordinary. As a founder and designer, I have started multiple companies and participated in multiple accelerator programs across the world and I can say with confidence that her sessions and professionalism are world class.” – Ilana Milkes, founder ePioneers

“If you’re a founder considering this, just stop reading and sign up. Laurie is incredible at coaching founders to become the best version of themselves. You won’t be sorry!” – Chad McGimpsey, co-founder iCademy