Office Hours

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This time is specifically designed to help you move past a sticking point quickly and effectively because people who are here to change the world get stuck sometimes.

Everyone in this group is focused on climate, just like you.

The meetings are group settings, possibly with different people each time.


  • Two, 60 minute invites on your calendar per month

  • Events set to available so they don’t mess with your calendly flow

  • Join for five minutes or 90

  • Present a challenge and get personalized help from me or just listen and feel community in common challenges

  • $15/month, first month is free

Added benefits

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Working with Laurie

“It feels good to be seen. Laurie does that well.” – Sarah Goulden, GreenBiz

Would definitely recommend and appreciate how even with a short session Laurie was able to help provide tools and clarity on where to focus.” – Executive Leader in renewable energy company

“Laurie helped me to zoom out from this very specific problem to see this challenge in a larger, engrained set of behaviors I’ve been exhibiting for many years. Rather than take on the problem I thought I wanted to solve, she helped me solve the problem I needed to solve!” – Suz Okie, GreenBiz

I left our session feeling validated, energized and with a new take on my potential and need for reinvestment in myself. She truly helped me see myself through a new, and very important lens” – ESG Executive at a consultancy that serves Fortune 500 companies

Laurie will unleash your potential in no time! She has the magic to see you truly, listen with compassion and help you navigate your situation with real kindness. She’s no BS, funny, empathetic, and real. Hire her!” Marine Thibault