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Laurie has loved public speaking since the 80s when she discovered it as a 4-H project. She ditched the note cards after her first talk and enjoys elevating your audience’s experience.

Laurie McGinley 10/10” – Circularity24 GreenBiz attendee feedback

Laurie McGinley, keynote speaker and transformation guide

What you’ll get

My whole life I’ve been able to elevate the energy of a big crowd. Your audience will feel better at the event after my talk.

Kicking off your event with me ask a keynote will empower your audience to:

  • elevate their networking to move the needle on their Big Dream.
  • hit on target with their asks.
  • catch their habit of waiting and choose to make bold moves.
  • get more value out of the event you’ve planned for them.

I am super f’n magic and fearlessly guide world changing geniuses focused on climate to success.

I illuminate hidden paths of opportunity and lead world changers through transformational change, so we can all keep thriving on this beautiful planet for generations to come.

I am a keynote speaker and transformational guide who helps my clients create results the climate sector has never seen before.

In the last for years I have supported:

  • $51M+ in fundraising for climate technologies
  • 138 executives who broke through to bigger results
  • 37 climate technologies advanced towards commercialization
  • 7 first of a kind technologies advanced
  • 1,133 professionals moved towards climate careers

I speak about what is at stake with gravitas and what changes when you take the reins of your life and choose to belong.

Book me to speak and elevate the audience experience at your next event.

Topics I love speaking about include:

  • Gravitas is for everyone
  • Autopilot is tanking your impact
  • The secret language of stage presence
  • Prey energy and how to overcome it
  • What to do when vacations suck
  • Data you’re leaving on the table and how it will change your life
  • What you focus on determines what you miss
  • What happens when all doors open for you
  • The You who belongs changes the world

If your event is for world changers and you’re ready to super charge their experience, let’s talk.

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