Laurie McGinley

Laurie McGinley, ClimateTech Conductor

Group Coaching to Work on Climate

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There is a home in climate for you

There is a home for you in climate. Finding this home will give you purpose in your career and leave you feeling more fulfilled and satisfied with the work you do.  

With the right plan you can find a great career fit, make the living you want to make, and have greater balance in your life.

By the time I was 43, I’d changed careers seven times. The first few times it took forever, triggered most of my fears, and sent me into chaos with a stomach ache. 

Then I got smart and instead of just jumping into the career change, I studied how to effectively make big changes. Once I did that, I realized change was just another research project. And I love learning. 

I’ve always loved exploring and I’ve explored career change extensively. I know where the pitfalls are and how to avoid them. I know where that opportunity quietly hides where hardly anyone looks to harvest it. 

So many of us seek new careers and deal with the changes and stress alone. It can be done alone, of course. I promise it will be easier with help. You’ll spend eight weeks with no more than 11 other people learning how to network with your worth, how to interview like a boss, find your home in the economy of climate, and feel your future to find your future.  


  • 4 topics
  • 8 – 90 minute sessions
  • 8 weeks
  • $1,200
  • 12 participants


  1. Networking with your worth
  2. Interview like a boss
  3. Where do I belong?
  4. Feel your future to find your future

Listen to Jen, Gloria, and Stacy, people like you being coached on their career changes.

I can’t wait 8 weeks.

If 8 weeks is way to long for you to wait, I offer private coaching. It is intense, change happens very quickly, and it isn’t for everyone. I won’t let you sign up for it if you aren’t ready. We establish the breakthrough you want to make and move quickly towards it. Once you’ve broken through, we’re done. It costs $1,000 per hour. If that sounds right, you can schedule a discovery call to define your breakthrough.